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The IT Crowd

Supporting Characters


  • Aunt IrmaKatherine ParkinsonAunt Irma - The IT Crowd Jen’s period (nicknamed “Aunt Irma” and explained to Moss as “the first scene from Carrie”) has unexpected consequences as her colleagues begin to suffer sympathy pains. Moss sends an e-mail out to everyone he knows, and as a result many IT staff learn of the problems Roy and Moss are suffering, turning them into Internet celebrities and inciting “Aunt Irma” riots throughout the world.



  • Alison – AKA “The Joker” – Suzie Toase: Alison was an ex-love interest of Roy whom he broke up with over an email. Jen demanded he do it face to face but then back pedals saying Roy should not do it in person. Too late, Roy ends up taking Alison out to dinner where she reads a poem about her love for Roy. Roy tells Alison that he has a girlfriend and she publicly breaks down crying, during which her makeup runs causing her to look very much like the infamous Batman villain “The Joker”. In a classic “Roy” move, he lies to Alison explaining that the only reason he doesn’t want to be with her is because of his girlfriend, Jen! The story gets even crazier when he brings Alison, runny makeup and all, to see Jen to once and for all prove that Jen is his girlfriend. But, Jen is already married to Moss by then and has two children apparently, Zenith and Quasar. Definitely a must see episode, full of typical IT Crowd twists and turns.



  • Peter FileOrlando Seale:  Peter File is a former boyfriend of Jen’s with whom she hosted a dinner party with several friends of theirs. A gag made in the episode is that his name is a play on the word “paedophile”. At the end of the episode when he and Jen are at the airport waiting for a flight to Paris for a minibreak, his name is called several times over the intercom, other people interpreting it as ‘paedophile’, and Jen is seen outside calling a taxi. This character name originates from Brass Eye, a faux-news programme co-written by Graham Linehan and his writing partner Arthur Matthews, as well as others. It was created by IT Crowd actor Chris Morris. This joke is somewhat lost on many American viewers, as the word pedophile is commonly pronounced in the United States as “pEd-ah-‘fI-el, rather than “peed-ah-‘fIl (as mentioned by Moss at the dinner party).



  • PhilipThe Work Outing PhilipJamie Michie: Another potential love interest of Jen’s, Philip invites Jen to the theater but ends up inviting Moss and Roy as well, who suspect him of being gay. Their suspicions are confirmed when the play they go to see was called Gay, a gay musical set in the eighties. Philip breaks down after the play and tells Jen he’s gay but thought a relationship would work with her because “She looks a bit like a man.”



  • Daniel CareyOliver Chris: Daniel is the security guard that Jen falls for, but unfortunately her plans for romance go pear-shaped after she fails to help him as a “phone a friend” on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. While he is charismatic and good-looking, he is shown to be quite violent and immature when he brutally beats up a clown with the clown’s own shoe for mocking his failure on TV.



  • Small Paul–  David Garfield: “Small” Paul was Reynholm Industries’ resident trolley pusher, who was frequently seen pushing a trolley of letters and parcels around the company. At 4′ 11″, it is no wonder why Paul earned his nickname, “Small Paul”. Small Paul asked Jen Barber to ride on his trolley while he pushed it. However, Small Paul pushed the trolley too hard and ran out of breath. When he stopped, he immediately had a heart attack and collapsed. It was later revealed that Small Paul had died. His funeral took place in one of the offices of Reynholm Industries. Denholm Reynholm organized his close personal friend, Elton John, to play a song dedicated to Small Paul at his funeral.



  • PatriciaAlice Lowe: A woman who goes on a date with Roy. The date ends badly because Roy somehow winds up with a smear of chocolate on his forehead, which is perceived by Patricia to be feces. “You have shit on your head!” She works as a receptionist in Reynholm Industries.



  • PaulDanny Wallace: He worked as Denholm Reynholm’s cultural adviser in Reynholm Industries. In 2005, the Head of the Yamamoto Corporation, Mr. Yamamoto, visited Reynholm Industries in the hope of merging his company with Denholm’s. Paul advised Denholm to greet Mr. Yamamoto with a large pair of Doc Martin shoes. However, when Mr. Yamamoto presented Denholm with a traditional Japanese sword, Denholm felt that his gift looked cheap compared to the sword and immediately fired Paul. However, seconds later Paul regained his position after he used the “profanity buzzer” to mask another employee’s swearing.It is unknown how Paul reacted to Denholm’s suicide in 2007 or if he kept his job.



  • Bill CrouseAdam Buxton: Goes on a date with Jen, and after being told by Moss that she’d subsequently died, proceeded to tell the entire office that he was the last person to sleep with her. Nicknamed “The News” because of his propensity to announce those who he has slept with. When Jen found out about Bill’s lies, she inadvertently scared him by making him think she was a ghost who was haunting him.




  • JuliaNathalie Cox: Julia was Roy’s beautiful girlfriend in “Italian for Beginners” (Episode 4 of Season 4) who was orphaned when her parents supposedly perished in a fire at a sea parks. Her beauty makes you question why she would be with Roy.




  • Dr. Julian HolmesToby Longworth: A stress expert who visits the company to give a presentation, and ends up very stressed himself due to Roy and Moss’s annoying behaviour.





  • Dr. MendallFrances Barber: Dr. Mendall is the company psychiatrist who has a crush on Moss, and the feeling is mutual. Moss is in therapy with her after claiming Jen was dead in the episode, The Haunting of Bill Crouse. She terminates these sessions, after revealing that she is not allowed to have relationships with clients, and wants to explore feelings that she has developed towards Moss. Roy claims that she looks exactly like his mother. A drunken Roy sleeps with her after a staff party.



  • JulieLucy Liemann:Roy is trying toJulie mistaken for Judy attract the attention of Julie, the attractive girl from the fifth floor (a place Roy refers to as “The Land of the Beautiful People”), but his effort only succeeds in drawing the admiring glances of someone at the opposite end of the scale – Judy, the office cleaner.




  • JudyCheryl Fergison: Judy is an office cleaner Roy meets on fifth, a place Roy ironically refers to as “The Land of the Beautiful People” because she’s a horribly ugly woman. Roy gets entangled with her while trying to meet a beautiful woman named Julie. Roy claims Judy has hair on her eyes and three rows of teeth. At the end of the episode Roy runs into Judy in the street and she roars at him from across the street, sounding like Godzilla.




  • Derek PippenSilas Carson: One of Denholm’s top employees, who becomes the head of Reynholm Industries after Denholm commits suicide. He hates the IT department, and says he wants to use the basement for something a lot more useful, like “a big toilet”, but is fired by Douglas Reynholm when he takes over the company.




  • PaulaDolly Wells: Paula is a model friend of Jen’s who was in a very bad car accident. She had major reconstructive surgery done, and now has her face obstructed by bandages. She is partnered with Roy during “The Dinner Party”, but he spends the whole of the evening trying to figure out what she would look like underneath the bandages. She has a large and flashy apartment and multiple video game consoles, making her the perfect girl for Roy. She turns down Roy’s invitation for a second date because he isn’t her type physically, and she feels she can do better.


  • MirandaDolly Wells: Is one of the woman who presented Douglas with the “Shit Head of the Year Award”. Douglas sleeps with her to try to get her to take back the award but she explains to him after that she does not have the authority to do so and then goes on to say that it was rather strange that the complaints about Douglas came from “One of the woman in the IT Department.”



  • MargaretSarah Hadland: Margaret is a divorced friend of Jen’s who tends to become “friendlier” to men after she has had a few drinks. She is partnered with Moss at Jen’s Dinner party and the two squabble like an old married couple.




  • JessicaCatherine Shepherd: Another of Jen’s friends who attends the dinner party. She talks very quickly in short, intense bursts, and makes constant use of air quotes. Richmond, however, finds her attractive, especially her skull. She and Richmond have sex at least twice. This happens once at Jen’s party and again in Richmond’s “office” behind the red door in the Reynholm Industries IT basement. The couple is so loud that Roy and Moss have to play extremely loud music to drown them out, but when Jen turns the volume down, Jessica can be heard to say “Oh dear, look at me – having an orgasm!”



  • Helen BuleyAmelia Bullmore: The head and chief executive officer of British business corporation BHDR Industries, who are “the top makers of that product that has something to do with our company”, according to Jen, the details of which have not been revealed. Buley proved herself worthy of the job after she took a famous football team to court for institutional sexism and won massive damages. She was then made the CEO of the company shortly before a meeting with Reynholm Industries in 2007.Buley has campaigned for women’s rights and has been very outspoken about her beliefs during meetings with other company’s. She has been in contact with Reynholm Industries for several years, even before being made CEO, and attended a meeting with the heads of the departments of the company in 2007. There, she complemented Jen Barber, Head of the IT Department, on her business skills. However, because of an overheating problem with her bra, Jen suddenly stood up during the meeting, proclaiming that her ‘tits were hot’.Buley, not knowing what was going on, said that Jen was a stripper hired as a prank, and probably brought the meeting to a stop.



  • Jeff HolcornJames Bachman: AKA: Dominator (formerly known as Jeff Holcorn) is a film fanatic and a friend of Roy Trenneman. Jeff changed his name by deed poll from Jeff Holcorn to Dominator, although Roy refused to call him by his new name.Jeff called Roy to ask if he had seen a new South Korean zombie movie. Coincidentally, Roy was about the watch it when Jeff called. When Jeff revealed to Roy that there was a twist at the end of the film, Roy immediately hung up the phone for fear of the ending being spoilt.Jeff called Roy the following day while he was at work, although Roy did not answer the phone.



  • NolanTom Binns: Nolan was introduced in Season 3 while Reynholm industries are going through a financial crisis due to Douglas’s Cavalier behaviour, Nolan appears to be Douglas’s right hand man trying to hold the industry together. He was also the one who introduced Jen to the shareholders during her speech for winning employee of the month. He also handles any other announcements that have to be made to the staff. Nolan admits he doesn’t know the difference between a laptop and “the larger one”.



  • AprilLucy Montgomery: A transsexual journalist working for Richest magazine, who becomes romantically involved with Douglas while writing a magazine article about him. Douglas met April Shepard after she interviewed him for a Richest Magazine’s Man of the Month column, in which he featured. Douglas, trying to charm the young writer, asked her out to Paris, a restaurant in Hull. Once there, Douglas immediately brought up the subject of sex and informed her that he had ensured that there was a condomn machine in the toliet. April, trying to bring the subject back on safer ground, admitted to Douglas that she was a transsexual and had had several operations to change her gender from male to female. Douglas, who was too busy eating, misheard her and thought that she had said that she was from Iran. Once the meal had finished, Douglas brought April back to his home and had sexual intercourse with her.Douglas’s relationship with April seemed to be thriving, as the pair shared many interests and pasttimes with each other. However, Douglas eventually found out about April’s secret and ended the relationship, and, enable to bare the thought of being with a transsexual, ended the relationship with a violent confrontation in Reynholm Industries’s labaratories. Douglas missed April dearly as it is one of the few times that he has held a relationship together.



  • VictoriaBelinda Stewart-Wilson: Douglas’ ‘dead’ wife, she disappeared “while washing the car” and came back in Reynholm vs. Reynholm where she tried to sue Douglas. She also played the wife of Denholm in “Return of the Golden Child”. A self proclaimed “Not Normal” woman Victoria was married (or had known) Douglas for 10 years before disappearing under unknown circumstances while washing their car. She had suddenly returned after years with little memory of what had happened (including how she disappeared) except for a kayaking trip a year before she returned.


  • Barbara ReynholmBelinda Stewart-Wilson: Barbara was the second wife and now widow of Denholm Reynholm (Denholm’s first wife was Douglas’ mother). She attended her husband’s funeral on May 3, 2007, after he had committed suicide when a major scandal was discovered in the pension funds of his company. She greeted the guests at the entrance to the church along with Derek Pippen, the then Head of Reynholm Industries. Moss gives her a pen (so random) then runs out of things to say and blirts out: “Swings and Roundabouts!” and kisses her on the cheek. It is unknown what happened the Barbara after Denholm’s funeral.



  • DoodlesMartin Nigel Davey: Doodles is one of the three resident toilet cleaners (Dirk, Bean Head & Doodles) at Reynholm Industries. Along with the other toilet cleaners, Doodles is credited with creating and maintaining Floor 12’s reputation of extremely good hygiene and sanitary conditions of the floor’s toilets. In 2005, Doodles and the rest of the team were thanked for their involvment in Project Icarus, although it is unknown how he participated in it. Doodles wears a tissue attached to a string across his left eye, similar to an eye-patch, presumably for health reasons.



  • Boss-Eyed DaveHywel John: Dave’s pictureBoss Eyed Dave was on the desk of a beautiful woman (Kimberly) whose cell phone Roy was attempting to fix. Roy grabs his photo and says “What’s wrong with this fella? He’s pulling a mad face! He looks completely mental!” To which Kimberly replies “That’s Dave, my brother. He’s got a very serious condition!” Roy stumbles a bit and then back pedals; “When i said mental there, I meant intelligent. Like he’s a big reader!” After which the other girls in the office gather round and come up with an idea to create a nude calendar called “Girls of the Seventh Floor” and have Roy be the photographer. But Jen steps in at one point and convinces the girls that it would be offensive and to make the calendar be “Grands of the Girls on Seventh Floor”.



  • KimberlyAlexandra Weaver: Kimberly’s brotherBoss Eyed Dave's sister Kimberly was Boss-eyed Dave whose condition sparked the “Girls on Seventh” to create a nude calendar for charity and have Roy be the photographer. Jen butts in and tells them that the calendar would be sexist so they decide to do a calendar featuring their grand mothers instead. It then turns into a sexy nerd calendar shoot in which Roy has to take naughty pictures of all the nerds he can find. Roy and Kimberly start a romance but he cannot get the pictures of the Grannys and nerds out of his head and it ruins their budding relationship before it even starts.



  • NormanKevin Cecil: Jen gets involvedNorman the keyboard player from Sweet Billy Pilgram with a rock band and falls in love with the emotionally dull and weird keyboard player, Norman, from the band Sweet Billy Pilgrim. When Norman is kicked out of the band, Jen loses all interest in him and his once adorable snoring is now a serious nuisance to her.



  • Window CleanerBrian “Limmy” Limond: Appears as the man who cleans Roy’s window and then leaves his bike and equipment at his house. He is shown to have a difficult to understand, mumbling voice resulting in Roy involuntarily agreeing to him keeping his equipment at this home.



  • Brandy and Crystal – Brandy and Crystal are two prostitutes Moss and Roy hired when drunk, but when they arrived Moss and Roy were too scared to do anything so instead they went to a funfair. They are shown only in the closing credit slideshow of the first episode; the clips are of them at the funfair. Moss was quoted as saying: “That was a nice day at the fair, wasn’t it, with Brandy and Crystal.”


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