Season 3 – The IT Crowd – Episode Guide

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The IT Crowd Episode Guide

Season 3 (2008)

Title: From Hell
Episode Number: 1
Original Air Date: Nov, 21 2008

Roy goes to Jen’s house to retrieve £5 and recognizes Jen’s builder as a “Builder From Hell”. Afraid he will urinate in her sink, Jen sets out to keep an eye on him. Moss is harassed by a group of teenagers, and Roy tries to teach him how to stand up to them. Douglas, oblivious to the fact he is ruining Reynholm Industries after spending the pension fund on erotic art and gold flakes in the water supply, finds a service revolver and a note from his father telling him to shoot himself if he is too overworked. Jen, with Roy’s help, installs video camers to monitor his movements. Douglas, playing with the gun, shoots himself in the thigh, and after summoning help from Moss, tells him to contact the emergency services. Moss, however, takes the gun, and uses it to threaten the teenagers, leaving Douglas to his own devices. Still struggling from his wound, Douglas heads into an important meeting with a Japanese investor via video link. Jen finally spots the builder doing the deed in her sink, but when she tries to record the incident, swaps the live video feed with that of the Japanese investor, throwing the meeting into chaos.

Title: Are We Not Men?
Episode Number: 2
Original Air Date: Nov, 28 2008

Roy is puzzled that Moss seems to have mastered cockney football-speak. Moss reveals that it is all done with the help of football translation website ‘’, and the pair try to pass as “proper” men for a couple of days. Having broken the language barrier and passing as knowledgeable football fans, Moss and Roy easily make friends; however, the friendship goes too far when Roy unsuspectingly helps them commit a robbery, making things worse by phoning the police when he does not realise that it is indeed his friends engaged in the misdemeanour. A terrified Roy is subsequently forced to evade the police by driving inside the back of a truck. Later, Roy is hanging out with his new friends and tries to leave, but Moss reveals that Roy indeed rang the police. The pair escape just as the robbers get angry and the police arrive, but believing they may appear suspicious, Moss kisses Roy against a garage door (several times) to avoid attention from the passing police. Elsewhere, having listened to earlier comments from Roy and Moss, Jen is having trouble dating a man who looks like a magician.

Title: Tramps Like Us
Episode Number: 3
Original Air Date: Dec, 5 2008

Jen, Moss and Roy find their lives moving in different directions after a highly disappointing settlement to a sexual harassment lawsuit. Moss suffers a concussion and forgets everything he knows about computers. Jen is interviewed for a new job, but having seemingly enjoyed the perfect interview, is stumped when asked what IT stands for. Having learned that “courage” is not a valid answer, she phones Moss, who appears useless after his concussion and fails to provide an answer. Meanwhile, Roy has been thrown out on the street after being spotted shirtless in the office. The poor man has been forced to find a dirty shirt and jacket. Without his doorpass, he finds himself sleeping homeless (well, officeless) with a small dog for company. Eventually Jen rescues him curled up under a cardboard box and the two head to the office. Douglas, having had enough of his electric sex pants (which release an electric charge when he becomes aroused), orders Moss to release him from his shackles, and when he is given a large electric shock, Moss’s concussion is reversed. As the three are reunited, Jen turns down the new job for “personal reasons”, as she realises Moss and Roy cannot cope without her.

Title: The Speech
Episode Number: 4
Original Air Date: Dec, 12 2008

After winning Employee of the Month, Jen finds herself less than inspired to write the required acceptance speech, and becoming arrogant from her victory, asserts her power in the IT Department. When she eventually turns to Roy and Moss for help, they see an opportunity to humiliate her in front of the whole department when they lend her a visual aid, on loan from the top of Big Ben and completely demagnetized by Stephen Hawking himself – “The Internet”. The duo tell Jen that the Internet, complete with small black box, is completely wireless. Douglas finds the love of his life in the form of April. However, problems inevitably follow when he mishears her making a tearful confession that she “used to be a man” (Douglas thought she said she was “from Iran”). Waiting for Jen’s destruction, Moss and Roy find their prank has backfired when the shareholders hang on Jen’s every word about the Internet. Meanwhile, a fist fight has begun between April and Douglas, resulting in the destruction of “The Internet”. The panic that ensues among the shareholders finally gives Roy and Moss the spectacle they craved.

Title: Friendface
Episode Number: 5
Original Air Date: Dec, 19 2008

A new social networking site known as Friendface opens, and Jen inevitably persuades Roy and Moss to become members. The initial interest becomes an obsession when Jen is invited online to a high school reunion and, fearing that she will face ridicule for not being married, she asks Roy to pose as her husband so she can “big herself up”. Roy, however, has already arranged to meet his old girlfriend, so Jen is left with Moss to fill in. At the party, Moss asserts his masculinity in front of Jen’s old school friends, and things appear to be going well. Things are not going so well, however, for Roy, who is having difficulty telling his ex that he is no longer attracted to her. When he eventually tells her, her tears make her makeup appear like that of The Joker, and, remembering Jen’s earlier offer, he tells his ex that he is already in a happy relationship. The two set off to Jen’s reunion, and upon his arrival Roy’s assertion that he and Jen are in love is shot down by Moss. After Moss delivers a stinging slap to Roy for “sassing his woman”, the two step outside, and after a brief delay, run away from their problems, leaving Jen to fend for herself.

Title: Calendar Geeks
Episode Number: 6
Original Air Date: Dec, 26 2008

Roy finds himself in heaven when the girls from the seventh floor decide to make a nude calendar as a fundraiser for the “victims of boss-eyed-ness”. Things don’t seem to be able to go any better when Roy is offered the job of photographer, but offended by the idea, Jen complains and persuades the girls to do a calendar of elderly women instead. Jen’s complaints backfire when Douglas makes her personally responsible for making at least a million pounds from the calendar, and as the seventh floor girls have already been dissuaded from the idea by Jen’s philosophy, the only option is for Roy to trick his geeky friends into performing “sexy” poses.

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