Season 4 – The IT Crowd – Episode Guide

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The IT Crowd Episode Guide

Season 4 (2010)

Title: Jen the Fredo
Episode Number: 1
Original Air Date: Jun, 25 2010

Jen wants to stretch herself in the workplace, so she applies for the post of Entertainment Manager. But when she finds out that amusing her boss Douglas’ business connections has its darker side, she turns to Moss and Roy for help, but Roy just laughs and relates Jen to Fredo from ”The Godfather”. Douglas is given an award from the feminist committee, which turns out to be the “Shithead of the Year” award. Jen has trouble with her new job as she finds Phil, John, and John rather difficult to please, especially after a disappointing visit to a show. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Roy is having trouble coping with the breakup from his girlfriend. Moss has been making his own Dungeons and Dragons game and eventually gets John, John, Roy, and Phil to play, which finally entertains the business connections and helps Roy relieve his depression. Douglas realises that Jen nominated him for the “Shithead of the Year” award. When Jen asks Roy what happened to Fredo in the film, Roy says that the Godfather had him killed. Douglas throws the “Shithead” award out of the window, and it hits a car near Jen. Jen mistakes this as Douglas trying to murder her and runs off screaming. View Episode 1

Title: The Final Countdown
Episode Number: 2
Original Air Date: Jul, 2 2010

Moss appears on the popular quiz show ”Countdown” and beats all previously set records, which leads to an invitation to the “8+ Club”, an exclusive club for exceptional former Countdown contestants. When he arrives at the 8+ club, he is nicknamed “Word” and becomes friends with “Prime”. The club is full of nerd-like men and attractive women. The girls seem attracted to Moss at Roy’s amazement. However, the jealous ex-champion “Negative One” confronts and challenges Moss to Street Countdown, which is (as Prime explains) like Countdown but on the street. Moss eventually wins the challenge. Roy is repeatedly mistaken for a window cleaner by a successful old friend from college, and Roy desperately tries to set him right. Jen is suspicious of Douglas’ secretive manager’s meetings, in which all attendants arrive wearing white robes. Deciding to infiltrate the meetings, she is confronted with a surprising scenario: Douglas is doing fitness classes for the attendants. Roy is eventually able to phone up his old friend and tells him that he isn’t a window cleaner but works in IT. When asked if he works with Macs, Roy replies that he really just works with Windows.

Title: Something Happened
Episode Number: 3
Original Air Date: Jul, 9 2010

Roy hurts his back during a concert and sees a masseur, but the visit takes an unexpected turn when the masseur kisses him “on the arse.” Meanwhile, Douglas becomes a “Spaceologist” and tries to persuade his employees to follow in his footsteps. Jen gets involved with a rock band and falls in love with the emotionally dull and weird keyboard player from the band Sweet Billy Pilgrim. Douglas, as a “Spaceologist”, makes wishes to the stars: the first wish is to get a helicopter (he ends up buying himself a helicopter), the next wish is to learn how to do tattoos (he buys a book called “Make your own tattoo” and gives himself a tattoo of a helicopter), and the last wish was to have a metal hand (his tattoo became infected, and when he had to have his hand cut off, he then got a metal hand with fake skin and put it on his stump). Roy takes the masseur to court, and succeeds in having him confined. When Norman is kicked out of the band, Jen loses all interest in him. In the end, Douglas practices with his metal hand by smashing up his office. Moss says that when he gets a metal hand, he’d only use it for good and then he storms off.

Title: Italian for Beginners
Episode Number: 4
Original Air Date: Jul, 16 2010

When Roy’s girlfriend sadly explains that her parents died in a fire at a “Sea Parks” stadium during a sea lion show. Roy is confused by this story, and does some research about the stadium online. Moss realizes how much quicker he could answer his phone if he kept it in his shirt pocket, but when he bends over to flush a toilet, his phone drops in. When co-worker Linda is labelled Best Woman, Jen becomes jealous and tells a lie that she can speak Italian, and becomes the translator for a top Italian businessman, Bernatelli. Moss helps her by installing a voice-activated translator on her computer. After Moss sees an iPhone in a toy crane machine, Moss desperately attempts to get it, but ends up trapped inside. Moss enlists Jen’s help to get the iPhone out of the machine, and then gets it “without paying Apple any money”. When Jen arrives at the live meeting with Bernatelli, she is terrified at the fact that she isn’t allowed to use her computer, without it she cannot use the translator. Meanwhile, Roy becomes obsessed with an explanation for how his girlfriend’s parents died in the fire. Roy makes many models of “Sea Parks”, sets the last one on fire and finally sees how someone could die in a fire at the stadium but ends up burning his hands in the process. Jen wakes up in her sleep, suddenly realizing that Moss is still trapped in the toy crane machine.

Title: Bad Boys
Episode Number: 5
Original Air Date: Jul, 23 2010

Before heading out for lunch with Moss, Roy makes a bet with Jen that he can go an entire day without saying “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. Roy and Moss decide to have lunch in the park but get delayed on their way back to work owing to a mysterious package on the street, which is believed to be a bomb, so they decide to bunk off work and go to a shopping center. While there, Moss becomes overexcited about being a delinquent for a day, and steals several Grand Designs DVDs before leaving. Meanwhile, Jen is left alone to represent the IT department at a “work thing”, in which Douglas originally praises colleague Ben Genderson, then revokes Genderson’s praise and praises the IT department; finally he declares that this redundancy exercise was a double bluff and re-praises Genderson. Roy and Moss become caught in the middle of the bomb scare, rendering Roy motionless with fright and allowing Moss to get arrested for his earlier mischief. The bomb disposal robot breaks, and when the stationary Roy suggests turning it off and back on again, Jen delightedly declares that she has won the bet. It is revealed in an epilogue paragraph that: Moss was released from prison after he did community service and was banned from watching Grand Designs ever again and the mysterious package didn’t contain a bomb after all but did contain a child’s balloon that popped and gave Roy a little fright.

Title: Reynholm vs Reynholm
Episode Number: 6
Original Air Date: Jul, 30 2010

Douglas’s second wife Victoria, who disappeared after two weeks of marriage, returns. When he decides to divorce her, she asks for enough money to bankrupt him and Reynholm Industries. Douglas hires Jen instead of a lawyer because her job title is “relationship manager”, and instead of preparing the case, he spends his time sewing a farcical suit to wear in court. Jen aims to protect Douglas with witness statements from Roy, Moss, and Richmond. Roy and Moss are both useless in the witness box due to traumatic legal experiences of their own: Roy in the masseur case in Season 4 Episode 3 and Moss sued by his mother as an 11-year old. Meanwhile, Richmond, now blonde and well-groomed again, makes an unrelated presentation about “Goth2Boss”, a business he has started to help fellow Goths abandon their lifestyle. Douglas’s wife shows the court an excerpt from a ”Star Trek: The Original Series”-themed sex tape Douglas had made to illustrate how irresponsibly he spends his money. Douglas unsuccessfully fakes a heart attack but is saved by Jen who gives a speech and asks the court to pity the workers at Reynholm Industries. Victoria agrees to curb her demands. The episode features several scenes set at The Flappy Duck restaurant, a parody of The Fat Duck, where the food includes edible alarm clocks and invisible desserts and the wine has the appearance of milk.

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