Season 5 of The IT Crowd

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Season 5 “Speculative” (2014)

Title: Moss’s Revenge
Episode Number: 1
Original Air Date: Jun, 25 2014

Moss has turned the other cheek one to many times. Fed up with teenagers bullying him in the park, people stealing his mug and not being recognized for his achievements on “Project Icarus”, Moss devises a plan to level the playing field once and for all. Douglas entrusts Jen and Roy to mind his new pet iguana, but while they’re stuck in a staring contest, something awe full happens. All the while, Judy returns looking for Roy as she finally figured out that he really wasn’t dead. View Episode 1

Title: Jen on Top Gear
Episode Number: 2
Original Air Date: Jul, 2 2014

Jen appears on the hit TV show, Top Gear, and gets to take a new Fiat 500 around the track, but The Stig has other plans. Moss taps into the building’s security camera system and ends up unknowingly recording hours of footage of the woman’s bathrooms. Roy meets a fortune teller who has a heart attack while in the middle of telling him some pretty important information about his life. Douglas’ ex-wife shows up again, but this time she’s hell bent on taking over Reynholm Industries and a lengthy court case ensues. View Episode 2

Title: Bits vs Bytes
Episode Number: 3
Original Air Date: Jul, 9 2014

Moss gets laryngitis while trying for hours to explain the difference between Bits and Bytes to Jen. Douglas, a practicing “Spaceologist”, tries to take over where Moss left off but Beth Gaga Shaggy (no relation to Lady Gaga or Shaggy) steps in and explains “the truth” of it all. Jen finally meets her Mr. Right only to find out he’s her long lost brother, after multiple dates and serious discussions on their future. Moss perfects the ladder he invented for moths stuck in the bath and Roy wants a piece of the profits. View Episode 3

Title: Loaded Gun
Episode Number: 4
Original Air Date: Jul, 16 2014

Douglas is stressed to the breaking point, during the long court case Victoria is dragging him through, when accusations are confirmed as true about him trying to kill her. Jen swears herself to celibacy after having relations with her long lost brother, but Julie on fifth enters into the picture and things get racy! Upon seeing Jen and Julie together, Moss faints, hitting his head and thus begins the Windows vs Mac dream sequence. View Episode 4

Title: Roy’s Break Down
Episode Number: 5
Original Air Date: Jul, 23 2014

Roy says: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” one to many times, thus begins a montage of him saying the infamous phrase. Roy can’t take it any more and wants to figure out another way to assist people in troubleshooting their Com-puters and breaks down in the process. Moss visits Douglas and Denholm’s grave site to ask for spiritual guidance in doing the right thing, after being approached on moving up the corporate ladder at Reynholm Industries. View Episode 5

Title: Moss becomes CEO of Reynholm Industries
Episode Number: 6
Original Air Date: Jul, 30 2014

An apparition of Denholm and then one of Douglas show themselves to Moss and guide him in becoming the new CEO of Reynholm Industries. Roy, seeing Moss talking to the ghosts, thinks he’s talking to himself and tries to get him help from Dr. Mendel again. Jen gets into a huge discussion about pay rises with Moss again and thinking shes going to be making alot more money, goes on a spending spree that puts her into debtor’s prison. Reynholm Industries will never be the same, the likes of which you have never seen the likes of which. View Episode 6

Welcome to what Season 5 of the IT Crowd could possibly be like. We love the show and the characters and have come up with a brief synopsis of what we think could happen. Use the feedback form below to share you own thoughts or desires of what could be in Season 5, if it ever were to be.

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