After a disappointingly low payout from the sexual harassment case, Jen, Roy and Moss find their lives moving in different directions. Jen receives a job offer but is unable to recall what IT stands for. Moss suffers a concussion and Roy is troubled when he becomes a tramp. Meanwhile Douglas deals with his new ‘sex pants’ that prevent him from becoming aroused by dealing an electric shock directly into his groin.



Guest Stars

  • Narrator – Lewis MacLeod
  • Nolan – Tom Binns
  • Greg – Adam De Ville
  • Lawyer – Darren Strange
  • Olive – Janet Whiteside
  • Tour Guide – Laura Patch
  • Jane – Lucy Robinson
  • Tramp – Tom Meeten


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Lewis MacLeod as the narrator, he will make two more appearances throughout this series in Friendface and in Calendar Geeks.
  • This is the second appearance of Tom Binns as Nolan, he will appear once more in the following episode The Speech. That is his last appearance on the show.
  • When Jen says ‘Ich. Bin. Ein.’, this roughly means ‘I am’ in German, probably referencing the famous quote by John F. Kennedy: “Ich bin ein Berliner”. But in this context, “Ich. Bin. Ein. Nerd” means ‘I am a Nerd’.


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